World of Warcraft Warlock PVP Tips

If you play World of Warcraft, it is likely that you have participated in the player versus player part of the game. This can be done in the world on a PVP server or in the battlegrounds. If you are playing a Warlock, there are certain tips that you can follow while you are participating in PVP.
First of all, do your best to buff everyone with your two buffs. Many laugh at the thought of putting underwater breathing on everyone, but it is good since it has a chance of being dispelled versus a more useful buff. Every little bit counts.
Use the right pet for the right situation. If you have the Fel Guard, you should be using this pet. If not, use the Succubus while guarding a location. It is easy to charm one of the opponents taking them out of the battle for a bit. Use the Fel Hunter is against a number of casters.
You actually have two roles when PVPing with your Warlock. You should be dealing damage but you should also be doing crowd control. You can help out your team quite a bit by fearing the right targets at the right time especially if someone is low on health. For example, a fear cast on someone before taking the flag or a node is more important than dealing damage.
Always carry and use your health stones. If a healer is not nearby use it early on in the battle versus at a later time.
Do not be afraid to use health or mana potions. Many times a mana potion is better than lifetap during a battle.
Keep moving while you are playing. Do not just stand in one place as this makes you an easy target. Learn to use the terrain to stay out of the other player’s line of sight.
Dot everything then focus on whatever targets your team is going after. This way you are maximizing damage.
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